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Kazuhito the dog has a gift for 15 year girl in india nightmarish vision where Kirihime sips her drink and then goes on a brief gigantic rampage (which of course doesn't actually happen).
I see you there!J.Turner and BiggerBetterBarbie * Season 2, Episode 12: Janet's Mystery Gene - The bus takes Fiona Frizzle and the class deep inside Arnold's cousin, Janet, to learn why genes make everyone look, act, and feel different from each other.This adaptation of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is essentially, and very intentionally, a modern riff on the classic tale: While trying to read the original Lewis Carroll book for a book report, Alice tries to fend off her little white dog Fluff, who's in a very playful.Next, when Haruna and Rito fall safely on the floor with her clothes, her dog, Maron, begins to sensed her and they hide underneath her panties.YouTube video of GTS sighting hellcatcrimson Back to top Thundarr the Barbarian Level 0 * Secret of the Black Pearl - The evil wizard Gemini brings the Statue of Liberty to life in this episode, who uses her to try and defeat Thundarr and his.Season 1: Ah!Naylte * Gets Swamped - Walkerville is debating whether to build a mall where the swamp is now, or to build it somewhere else.Cubed Cinder * Big Sister - The two aliens from Teeny Tiny Trouble make a return showing, this time using an enlarging ray to reach the size of Kevin and Krypto.In one such episode, his assistant nurse is shrunken to a tiny size.At the very end of the episode is a GTS scene, when Jade re-shrinks Hak Foo and traps him in a glass container.
However, there is a war brewing and these two Great Protectors are the political tool that every faction lusts for to rally the people to their side.
The shrinking scene begins around 3:30 of the linked video.
Final7Darkness Back to top Yume Tsukai Level 1 * Misako Sails Out - A man summons a giant maid to take care of him, but she turns out to be an evil spirit and tries to devour one of his friends before she's defeated.
Sean and 18forever Back to top Ultimate Girls Level 2 * 12 episodes total - Known more for its fanservice and innuendo than giantesses, Ultimate Girls originally online food discount vouchers aired in 2005.O.E.In Season 2, they find the crystal, free gift cards for victoria secret but rather than restoring the princess to her adult size, it causes her size to vary depending on her mood, and yes, there are a few times when she grows to giant size.The scene ends at 6:31.She douses them both with cold water to clean them before the actual transition into dolls; however, the water turns Aoi into a frog and somehow winds up directly underneath Mimoris sandaled foot!Rather than help them like they planned, Mandy uses a magnifying glass to melt the toys, then attempts to kill Billy this way, remarking "When will I have a chance like this again?" Professor Gaylord, the remaining toy, shoots the magnifying glass away so Billy.Cubed Cinder Back to top Teen Titans Go!During one such spell, with a drawing of Cindy, Tom want to create a body for her sister, but the drawing grows and becomes a mini giantess drawing of her sister.They form a connection over the lost of someone they care about which surprises her.A0040pc Back to top Mork Mindy (animated) Level 0 * The Incredible Shrinking Mork video of GTS scenes.Cubed Cinder Back to top Onegai!A giant robot is rampaging through the city, but with the help of a power-up from headquarters, policewoman Rio grows in size to combat against the robot.The toy soldiers are trying to sneak their way to hiding to find out what Andy got for his birthday.

Kaio-Ken Forever Back to top Cosplay Complex Level 0 * OVA - This is a comedy OVA that came out in 2002 to mostly negative reviews.
Jekblom Back to top Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh Level 0 * Super Giant Reiko Appears!