Discount tire miami fl

discount tire miami fl

In today's world, customers need to be treated better and they sure don't know how to do that.
In total, thanks to this unisex christmas gifts under 25 service center, I have had to incur additional 80 dollars in parts plus labor to fix what was not damaged.
The alignment guy screw up my truck and blamed it on the rims funny thing is when i took it another shop they were able to align it just fine.
He has a huge selection how to build a gift wrapping station of rims and tires.I also bought their group.Very great price, fast and excellent service Serious company with more than 20 year of experience Since 2000.Location (all)Mexico - 3 Ciudad Valles,.I don't recommend this place to anyone.A week ago, I started hearing a grinding noise from that side, and it turns out the hardware the holds the shoes fell apart (one retainer clip was installed incorrectly and popped out).And i even did some research to see what their ratings were and also to get some customer feedback.They didn't event look at the alignment, maybe they did make a mistake and that's why the alignment was.Might be great for tires, but brakes is a different matter.Manny is a real nice guy would recommend this place anytime.October 2017 by Daniel Pedrera, i took my dually there to get tires put.
The owner Michel is very nice and really knows about tires.
Ask for Danjer Garcia, best service Ive ever received at any shop!
The mechanics are horrible.
Got tires from them and they rotated my tires for free after a year for sure recommend them couple of my buddies have gone and have been really pleased as well!
This could have resulted in another catastrophic tire failure at high speed.
Excelent, i recommended, The Southern Tire, repared brakes, and air condition, y the price is very good as a woman lacking knowledge of the problems with my vehicle, I was treated very well and was explained in detail all the issues with my car tires.
But when i went there to get the alignment and oil change, they told me i needed to get the balancing done too, an extra.00 cost!However when i drove of the repair shop i noticed the car had a slight pull to the left.They refused to and told me that it was due to that bolt and that it was going to cost me about 150.00.The staff guy name jp is great.Thinking he was just trying to up sell me extra work, i thought to myself it was whatever as long as i didn't give.And he said about 100.00.Today I took the car to a shop in Plantation due to a clicking noise coming out of that wheel when braking.The tire guys seem more busy talking to themselfs then actually working an then they look at u funny when u dont tip.To do this work, they have to disassemble the drum brake in the affected wheel about 200 dollar job.Now the lever that adjusts the star adjuster is twisted out of shape, the parking brake lever is damaged also and 2 of 5 springs are metallic dust and one bent unusable.It turns out the morrĂ³n mechanic that installed the wheel studs, did not sit them properly.August 2017 by Joel Perez, about 3 weeks ago, I had this service shop replace my left rear studs.This place has really changed over the years, it has become a professional and suffisticated mechanic shop.Businesses like this with uneducated employees don't know the value of customer service.

Now who does that these days.
Highly recommend this place to anyone.