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Virtual world Computer-based simulated environment in which users interact with avatars as if in the real world.
Digital compression (see also Compression/Data compression ) Digital set-top box A device which accepts digital encoded television broadcasts and converts them to display on an analogue television set.
Among the uses of the term, buffering refers to the advance storage and queuing of transmitted video content over wired systems before its display on screen in order to preserve picture quality when there is variable bandwidth capacity and the quality of service (QoS) cannot.
It contrasts with interlaced scanning used in traditional TV formats PAL, ntsc and secam, which display lines in two phases.CIM (Belgium) Centrum voor Informatie over de Media/Centre d'Information sur les M├ędias: Non-profit-making joint industry committee overseeing circulation audits for press, Internet sites and outdoor posters as well as being responsible for all audience measurement to do with the display advertising media.Overnight viewing data Viewing data delivered the next day.Shoutcast uses MP3 or AAC encoding of audio content and http (though multicast can be used) as the transport protocol to broadcast web radio, also known as Internet radio.Z Back to top Zapping Flicking through different TV channels, often to avoid a commercial break.For television it is synonymous with frequency.Rasp (Random access stored programme) Computing technology used in television that inserts how to build a gift wrapping station index points in encrypted content, so that it can be easily accessed with video trick modes without sequential decryption.GUI (Graphical user interface) A particular case of user interface to interact with a computer which employs graphical images in addition to text to represent the information / actions available to the user.Random route Method of face-to-face interview selection, whereby the interviewer follows a set random procedures for contacting households/individuals in a sample, beginning with a set starting point within the designated PSU.Npvr/Network PVR Form of PVR/DVR, where the viewer stores programming on the network server of a service operator (i.e.Bundling can assume many forms in relation to the design and marketing of pay-TV packages.
Sampling interval Fixed interval with randomly chosen starting point for selecting items on a list with equal (or known other) probability of inclusion in the survey sample.
Spectrum Shortened term for the electromagnetic or radio frequency spectrum, portions of which have been allocated by international agreement for specific classes of application, including radio, broadcast television, mobile TV, etc.
Disproportional sampling Sampling in which different sub-populations have different probabilities of selection, resulting in over-sampling/under-sampling of some groups compared with others.
Playback of recorded live transmissions).
Settlement size, type of housing, etc.).Internet Television Television programming that is publicly available over the Internet.Enumeration surveys may be conducted on their own, independently of any other survey (as in USA) or as the initial phase of an establishment or other survey phases, where they are used in order to (a) update population estimates and (b) provide a sampling frame.Audience turnover The ratio of the cumulative audience to the average audience across a given period (e.g.Pay-per-sale (Online) Pricing model in which advertisers pay an agreed charge for each sales transaction generated directly by their advertising.Random route or random telephone dialling).Modem A modulating and demodulating device that converts digital signals for transmission (e.g.Media player Computer software for playing multimedia files that may be general or specifically tailored for a particular type of file (e.g.Online advertising General term for advertising on the Internet.Common examples are volume discounts based on (a) total TV advertising spend on TV station by advertiser, (b) proportion of TV advertising budget allocated to the TV station, (c) year on year increase in total allocated advertising budget, or (d) total volume purchased by the.Reporting universe Demographically or otherwise classified population for reporting viewing data, which is specifically weighted for so as to conform to a constant population estimate.