Gifts for taiwanese friends

Fruit gifts are popular, but offering a cut pear is taboo as it symbolizes severing a friendship.
Gifts can be wrapped or presented in a gift bag, but do not choose the color white.By giving this gift, as represented by the many rings in the bamboo stem, you are wishing them continual growth and income.Anything you can get at a Western market or grocery story will suffice, but specialty chocolate will be sure to leave a lasting impression.Thank you for your help!Giving an apple basket is nice because apple, or ping guo, sounds like peace.For example, the receiver will refuse the gift several times before accepting.Good manners dictate that when staying in somebody's home, a gift is given to the host.Red represents happiness and the egg represents life.In fact, these red packets filled with money are popular gifts on other occasions as well.
Chrysanthemums are only for funerals, and no flower gift should be white flowers of any kind.
If a gift is of a higher value it should be given to the person alone in private.
If someone has just moved into a new house, it would be appropriate to give a vase, or hua ping, as it also sounds like peace.
Six, eight and nine are a lucky numbers.
For business relations, foreign cigarettes, cognac, fine whiskey, and quality wines are great gift ideas.
Depending on the nature of your visit, your gift may vary.When visiting someone in China, especially if you are a guest in their house, it is imperative that you bring a gift (whatever the monetary value) to show respect to the host.Never slice a pear in two and offer a half to someone (especially if you like them).The family has a huge party and gives gifts of eggs, long noodles, red money packets and buns made in the shape of a peach.White is a funeral color in China and represents death.For example, chocolate in china is a waxier chocolate.Never give ink pens discount events in nyc that have red ink because this is a sign that ties will be severed.Watches and wallets are also good gifts for lovebirds.Therefore, high-quality chocolates from the West are happily accepted because it cannot be found in China.The money packets are welcome as well; as a wedding gift they are called Li Shi money and must be given in combinations of nines.For example, items that are hand-made, from your country, or both, are highly valued.