How to build a gift wrapping station

how to build a gift wrapping station

For my gift wrap station I chose to position the mid shelf 8 1/2 above the drawer shelf.
Your dowel should drop in easily and be secure enough not to come out when you are rolling out your ribbon.8 You can easily rig up a wrapping paper rack at home atmos thermostat rebate yourself using a few wooden dowels and a set of hooks.Pull up a chair so youll have someplace to sit while you work.Establishing a rhythm will help you get and stay in the zone.Have a great one!Step 6, for your final shelf, you can raise or lower to suit your needs.Place a ruler or other long, straight object alongside where you plan on making a cut and then glide your scissors straight down the line.
3, use an overhead light for the best top-down illumination.
So even if you dont have an entire craft room at your disposal, look for nooks and crannies or behind doors for places to store your supplies.
Organizer boxes usually also feature pockets for scissors, tape and other tools, allowing you to keep everything together.A rack can be mounted directly to the wall to save even more room. Pre-drill, use wood glue and then drill 1 1/2 wood screws up from the bottom of the base.That way when it comes times to wrap, youll enjoy the process instead of cursing your roll of wrapping paper because it is stuck in a ripped up cardboard box under the bed. Measure, mark and screw into place by creating Kreg Jig holes on the underside and drilling together with 1 1/2 pocket screws.Its much better for your joints, posture and circulation. I shaved 3/4 off of the leftover plywood to create my own. Use your Kreg Jig to create pocket holes on the outside of both drawer sides and on both ends (to attach to the front and the back).Okay #10006, part 1 Setting Up Your Station 1, find a space to work.Reserve an unused part of the office, garage or guest room that you can convert to a dedicated gift-wrapping station.If youre working at a desk or crafting table, take advantage of your drawer space.It doesnt have to be elaboratea corner or countertop will work just fine.

Just stick it in the bag, throw some tissue paper over the top to hide it and youre all set!
 You can use some of your excess wood to create dividers in the top shelf section and or in the roll section to keep everything organized.
1, your wrapping station should be open, well-lit and out of the way so youre not continually forced to move your supplies.