List of people who won the nobel prize

De Klerk Robert Fogel ; Douglass North 1994 Bertram Brockhouse ; Clifford Shull George Andrew Olah Alfred.
United States Campaigner for civil rights, "first person in the Western world to have shown us that a hot cocoa gift tags struggle can be waged without violence." King spent his time working in various areas of the civil rights movement; from equal education to economic disenfranchisement of minorities.
"The Nobel Peace Prize 1930".
Ferreira; Kamimura, Yoshitaka; Lienhard, Charles (2014).Smith ; Greg Winter James.60 awarded "for strengthening the organization." 9 1962 Linus Pauling United States "for his campaign against nuclear weapons testing" 61 1963 International Committee of the Red Cross Switzerland For their work in the protection of human rights in the icrc's 100 years of existence.Tsui, born in China, Physics, 1998 Robert.Danforth Quayle, consumer of time and occupier of space (as well as the then-.S.
Hitchings Naguib Mahfouz United Nations Peace-Keeping Forces Maurice Allais 1989 Norman Foster Ramsey,.
Oberzaucher, Elisabeth; Grammer, Karl (February 2014).
Congress, that nicotine is not addictive.
McMillan, springfield armory coupon code free shipping Chemistry, 1951 Glenn Theodore Seaborg, Chemistry, 1951 Ralph.
Murphy, Physiology or Medicine, 1934 George.La disponibilità di basi informative più ricche, che permettono un utilizzo massiccio di dati individuali relativi a imprese e lavoratori, ha contribuito in maniera determinante al ridisegno delle procedure di stima di due degli elementi centrali dei conti nazionali: il modello di definizione dell'input.Shiller, Economics, 2013 Lars Peter Hansen, Economics, 2013 Eugene.Year Laureate Country Rationale 1901 Henry Dunant Switzerland For his role in founding the International Committee of the Red Cross 9 13 Frédéric Passy France "For being one of the main founders of the Inter-Parliamentary Union and also the main organizer of the first Universal.Barry Sharpless, Chemistry, 2001 Joseph.43 Economics Presented to Richard Seed of Chicago for his efforts to stoke up the world economy by cloning himself and other human beings."Award Ceremony Speech (1944.63 Peace Presented to Viliumas Malinauskas of Grtas, Lithuania, for creating the amusement park known as " Stalin World ".Le Clézio Martti Ahtisaari Paul Krugman 2009 Charles.