Mw2 killstreak rewards

All killstreak rewards that you control count towards your streak.
In the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, you get rewards for killing so many people without dying.
Never go back to where you were killed right when you re-spawn, you'll just get killed again.
You can also use it to take down enemy helicopters and harriers.The AC-130 can be shot down by enemy players but has countermeasure flares it will drop automatically.Interference I, II, and III - Call in 5, 25, and 50 Counter UAVs.No thermal scopes, no UAV, C4 etc., anything airborne will crash, and a fuzzy gray screen reminds you that the EMPs effects are still active.Lightweight (For rushing perk 3: Commando (Good for any class ninja (Camping/Cold blooded class).Select your perks, these recommended for a beginner: Perk 1: Scavenger (If you are going to camp).The Pave Low also has chaff (1 set) as a countermeasure, so the first locked-on missile won't hit.It's marked green if it's friendly, otherwise red since it belongs to the enemy team.Air Mail I, II, and III - Call in 5, 25, and 50 Care Packages.Get them, call them in, and work on higher killstreaks.When selected after delivery, the gun will glow gold if it can be placed and red if you need to move it to place.
Tips Look at the radar for any red dots around you.
Care Packages, Emergency Airdrops and Tactical Nukes can't be acquired from the package.
See above notes about dropping crates.
Try to avoid situations discount home textiles where the packages land outside the map.
Multiple Stingers fired at the AC-130 will take it down in spite of the flares.# 5 Kills, sentry Gun, description: Airdrop a placeable XM312 Sentry Gun.Check out this guide to multiplayer, call of Duty.The package can be stolen by anyone, even by your team mates, so be careful!It also stops the enemy from calling in MW2, BO2 AW killstreaks, and at the same time drops down any helicopters and aircrafts that are in the air.

Challenge I unlocks the Overwatch title, challenge II unlocks the Voyeur title, and challenge III unlocks the animated UAV emblem.
When guiding a Predator, look for the red squares that indicate enemies.