Pure silver gift items with price

pure silver gift items with price

Quantity In Stock : Current selling price is : Half Dollars 100.00 Face Value Bag.S.
These silver coins come in a cloth/canvas type coin bag.
Each mint issued coin has a weight of about.50 grams, which equals about 36 of an ounce of pure silver.Or browse our, gold Coins, Silver Coins, and.On occasion you might even find a Walking Liberty silver half dollar included.Silver Half dollar Rolls Click here for US Silver Franklin Half dollars minted between 1910 roll lot prices of Franklin Half dollar silver coin rolls * - A typical dollar's face value (in any size silver coins) weighed about 80 (8 tenths) of a troy.Location: Buy Silver, mlb 16 the show conquest rewards silver Bullets, buy Silver Bullet bullion featuring one ounce of pure silver.Quantity In Stock : price : 100.00 Face Value Bag.S.A sampling shows most all are in the 1940's (some with D or S mint marks) and vary in circulated grades from about Good to Very Fine condition.Quantity In Stock : Buy a bag of Silver halves for: Kennedy Half dollars 50 Face Value in 1964 US Kennedy Halves Lot of 100 US silver Kennedy half dollars 1964 was the last year of 90 solid silver circulating US coins and the only.When you order (up to the quantities listed above) and checkout now, your buy price for 90 silver coin bags is locked-in at today's cost.
Quantity In Stock : price : roll of 20 old Walking Liberty United States Silver Half dollars Although the photo shows 7 coins, each roll we sell contains twenty coins.
These circulated silver coin bags are considered by many as a good way to invest in silver.
50.00 Face Value in silver dimes Lot contains 500 US silver dimes These bags contain mixed dates of United States 1964 (and before) 90 pure silver dimes.
Silver halves Lot of 100 US silver half dollars This silver half dollar coin bag will include 1964 dated silver Kennedy half dollars and/or earlier dates of silver Franklin half dollars. .
Shipping will never exceed.95, no matter how many items you order.Winged Liberty Head "mercury" silver Dime rolls One of our most popular silver coin sellers!The Walking Liberty design is one of the most beautiful US coins ever made.These 90 silver coins are machine counted twice for accuracy and will come in a small canvas coin bag or paper wrapped rolls.They are sold by some coin dealers in bags of 1,000.00 face value per bag. .Click on the image to see a larger sample of junk silver coins.The term Junk silver is still used today to refer to old US silver coins. .Our selection of precious metal gift ideas includes colored silver coins, unique silver rounds, and even a bull and bear silver statue, all designed to impress your family, friends, and loved ones. .Jefferson Nickels, currency : US Paper money, paper money Software, computer software : Coin Collecting - Inventory.Shipping is free on orders totaling 500 or more!Packaged in hard plastic coin tubes for easy storage.