Renewable energy gifts ideas

For most events, attendee travel emissions comprises the mulberry gifts for him largest percentage of the events overall emissions, so venue selection is the most important factor.
Green Wedding Tips Check out this blog post for 50 eco-friendly tips to plan a green wedding.
Look for the energy star label.
Telecommute, work from home occasionally.Apr 24, 2012 By David Frankle of New York, NY United States.If youre going away or not using an item for awhile, unplug it to prevent vampire energy loss from electricity usage on standby.Carpool, just once a week saves.If youre not a vegetarian, just increase the number of vegetarian meals you eat each week by one or two.May 1, 2012 By Sheldon of San Jose, CA United States.
Green Venue/Lodging Select a venue and lodging options that have strong sustainability plans and already make reductions in or offsets its operating emissions Travel Choose a destination with good public transportation options Sharing Encourage carpooling and room sharing Meals Negotiate local and organic food options.
Occupancy sensors Shut off lights in unused rooms.
This helps you save on your electricity bill without compromising on the amount of light.There must be a better way to collect the water coming out underneath the device and provide an outlet for it so that it doesn't splash all over the place.Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Your Office Enable your power management so your computer and monitor shut down.Includes two spare bulbs.Windows These can be expensive, but when its time to replace them, make sure they are energy star rated.It is suggested that to elevate the PowerWheel for ease of viewing that you can use any type of object including bricks or wooden blocks.Do you need to print?- Consider saving a file on your computer, in a flash drive or emailing.Thats our motto, and were proud.Learn more, free, independent and impartial advice on renewable energy and sustainable living provided by the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT).We've adapted our faucet heads and put the wheel in a shallow tub.