Ups rewards program

Plus, you get 1,000 bonus points when you sign.
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This is a biggie for, so thanks in advance for your (or anyone else's) response., my personal opinion - fedex, being one of the most competent corps in the world with respect to sophisticated IT capability and resources, could easily fix this ey choose, IMO.Reliability and rewards get all the benefits of UPS service plus points toward great merchandise.This is one of the largest untapped sources of prospective affinity points that I have yet to figure out a workaround., please confirm if you have to pay each and every invoice/shipment distinctly using a credit card, or if you are somehow able to pay.Your order will receive a partner discount discount mattress fort lauderdale and arrive with UPS shipping technology pre-installed.With your registration, you were assigned a target based on your average shipping spend.Predictably they are growing like a wildfire.Since we obviously do not prefer to get 10-page amex bills with each single shippment charge separately, nor wish to try to reconcile such an awkward fedex and then amex bill on a weekly basis, we forgo a nice chunk of miles and starpoints.UPS Customer Technology Program (CTP) partners have been have been selected by UPS to deliver only the highest quality hardware, software, peripherals and services.They are happpy to link a bank account so it can auto-pay a single aggregate invoice, but play this little game when one wants to pay by credit card (and mcdonalds collect to win claim then blame the credit card companies by saying amex won't allow them to charge.
Let's say hypothetically we ship between 5-10 packages a day, and so in a week ship, lets say, 45 d generate, hypotetically, a 500 invoice weekly (and pay weekly by a single fedex invoice).instead of having any way at all to pay a single 500.
Even easier: redeeming the points for exciting awards.
Vulcan, please correct me if I'm wrong, but I am told over and over by fedex and my company's commercial account rep that the only way they can bill direct to a credit card is to charge each and every shipment as a single distinct.Exceed that target and earn UPS Rewards points, easy as that.Our fedex rep has told us customers have left fedex commercial accounts (and gone exclusively with UPS) over fedEx's inability to let commercial (ie high volume) shippers pay ONE aggregate bill by credit card, instead having to pay each single shipment charge if one was.Every dollar you spend earns you 10 points, and every 2,500 points gets you a 5 reward.Which, over a month, would be ludicrous and an administrative nightmare.The technology providers you entrust with your business are critical to your success.Sign up for an, ace Rewards card and earn points every time you shop in store or online.BTW - I finally found (in texas anyway) a power company that lets me charge my commercial and home electricity bill to amex btw (m, out of Houston, tx).Ship more, earn more, shipping with UPS is More Rewarding than Ever!You select the vendors, equipment, and software that best fit your needsfrom laptops, desktops, monitors, scanners and printers, to scales and dimensional weight scanners.This is a nice starpoint windfall each month and, a nicer surprise, they easily beat the "price to beat" in Texas' deregulatory environment (ie TXU's price) substantially so there is true savings to boot over our established energy provider.Had found one or more that charged to credit card, but excluded amex, but gexaenergy also includes amex.