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16 The competition offered a total of US30 million in prizes to the anniversary mom and dad gifts first privately funded teams to land a robot on the Moon that successfully travels more than 500 meters (1,640 ft) and transmits back high-definition images and video.
"Israeli moon lander to ride SpaceX rocket in Spaceflight's first move beyond low Earth orbit".17 Teams also earned additional money by completing additional tasks beyond the baseline requirements required to win the grand or second prize, such as traveling ten times the baseline requirements (greater than 5,000 meters (3 mi capturing images of the remains of Apollo program hardware.105 A few weeks after the end of the monetary part of the Google prize (Jan 2018 Moon Express stated their hopes for funding from nasa's 2019 budget, for a collaborative launch of the planned International Lunar Observatory.111 12 Hakuto ispace 2020 SpaceX Falcon 9 Hakuto was to have been a piggyback on TeamIndus 's pslv flight.The original intention was to propose the idea to other national space agencies, including the European Space Agency and the Japanese space agency, in the hope that they would offer similar prize purses.Jeff Foust, "The Google Lunar X prize at five: can it still be won?The launch contract had been officially verified by Google Lunar X Prize in November 2016.Subject to successful verification of identity.
"The Israeli finalist in Google's 20 million race to the Moon won't make it to the starting line".
"Google Lunar xprize Selects Five Teams to Compete for 6 Million in Milestone Prizes".
"Quantum3 About Us X prize Foundation".
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The Times of India.Retrieved 15 December 2010.A b Wall, Mike.As nasa is a federal agency of the United States government, and thus funded by US tax money, the prize would only have been available to teams from the United States."vodafone AND nokia TO create first 4G network ON moon".That deadline has been extended several times in the past, but foundation officials previously said there would be no further extensions of the competition.Oct 19, oct 19, oct 19 Oct 19 Oct 19 Oct 19 Sahib Bhatia Feb 19 Play m 1:32 Oct 16 Suggested Interests."Google Offers 20 Million X Prize to Put Robot on Moon"."X Prize Verifies Moon Express Launch Contract".5 Two teams secured such a launch contract, and the deadline was extended.