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PK is shown asking every woman if there is an all-female alliance.
Mindanao DAY 7 Werner gathers everyone except Stacey, Jeanne, and Katinka.
Nico reinforces her being medically cleared, and that she is quitting because she doesnt have a strong alliance.
Everyone had such a good time and cant stop speaking about it this morning (even though some of us is a bit hung over).Faculty of Management, faculty of Science, how does the clinique summer gift application process work at the University of Johannesburg?Palesa pieces together by the Tree Mail that it applies to the photograph on her Hidden Immunity Idol clue.Plus: Private Grand Prix trophy tour, sunset safari picnic and dairy farm experience, don't waste a minute in the city with our list of things you have to do in Cape Town before you die.Those two votes against Werner was unexpected.Now we spend the next seven days begging for Marthunis and Jeanne to be switched onto a new tribe with Tom and Ace.Speaking of tribe swaps, its a shame we are getting one so early in the game because we have two very entertaining tribes.Not only does this huge city bring diversity in cultures and people, but in the range of student activities and programmes offered by the University of Johannesburg.That wouldve been tragic.Stacey: I was just dizzy.Staceys sacrifice hopefully gives her a much needed boost in the game.
It essentially became a disadvantage for both Werner and Palesa because they werent certain of how noticeable it was to everyone in their tribe.
DAY 7, ace reads out the Tree Mail; it is the only time Tom sticks around to hear what Ace has to say.
They talk about how Marthunis comes across as Tevin says some people wanted Marthunis out of the game.
Your decision has been made.I hate adolescence.Marthunis: Ive been here for eight days and assume Im not in a single alliance.to assume Im not in an alliance is foolish.I dont do lying in my life and I am tired of lying.Then Tom is done.If you would like to know more information on UJ, visit.What OUR clients think, telesure, hi there Mark, i would just like to thank you for the wonderful Karaoke you gave us yesterday, once again you guys impressed Auto General.Stacey claims she has had a stomach bug for several days despite being medically fit to play the game.TOM: Put that in my pants as it belongs.Mindanao DAY 8 Another piece of Tree Mail.Tribal immunity challenge #3 Both tribes will go through an obstacle course collecting wooden poles that act as traditional warclubs.Marthunis wants to use himself as a decoy boot and PK is on board with it as they talk to Tevin and Werner about.Yeah, theyre throwing.They should change his name in the opening credits.